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Intelligent Integrated Safety Helmet
Intelligent integrated safety helmet, which can be connected to the control platform, is composed of two modules, intelligent helmet and intelligent control center, to carry out efficient communication, safety supervision and data collection on site.
√ Access the control platform to realize high-definition video data acquisition.

√ Realize real-time voice and video calling, real-time video monitoring, and real-time voice intercom.

√ Built-in GPS positioning and SOS rescue system is convenient for personnel to get timely rescue in case of danger.

√ Manage and monitor the working situation of personnel, provide remote guidance and meet the visual management requirements.

√ Can be used in electric power inspection, construction engineering, rescue and relief railway maintenance, security, mining, coal, oil drilling and other scenarios.
Product detail

Intelligent integrated safety helmet is convenient for efficient field communication, safety supervision and data acquisition. With out?company's system management software,?it?can be applied to scenarios of power inspection, construction engineering, rescue and relief railway maintenance, security, mining, coal, oil drilling, etc.

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