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The UAV Airport
The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) airport adopts a new cover design, which encapsulates all running gears and electrical components to the bottom, that improves the waterproof, dust-proof and rust proof ability of the equipment for outdoor working environment. The appearance of the airport is convenient for man-machine operation, and its design has advantages of dexterity and more scientific.

Product advantages :

√ Accordance with the requirement of the long-term outdoor working environment, it has advantages in waterproof, moisture-proof and constant temperature. After to strengthen the structure, it also has a certain abilities of anti-demolition, anti-movement and lightning protection.

√ It encapsulates all running gears and electrical components to the bottom, and build the air outlet in back, that improves the waterproof, dust-proof and rust proof ability of the UAE airport for outdoor working environment.

√ The screen is placed inside and be designed as a press window, which can protect the screen effectively. As the screen tilts 15°, it is more conforming to man-machine operation.

√ The modular design inside the equipment helps the maintenance more convenient.

√ The UAV can transmit the data remotely through the UAV airport, and be directly controlled landing to the platform. With an accurate and safe landing system, the UAV has an ability to automatic entry and exit the airport.

√ Intelligent automatic charging and changing battery.

√ The UAV airport interacts with the remote dispatching center, can be deployed on-site and response immediately
Product detail

The UAV airport, the high-precision long-endurance UAV and remote dispatching center, these three together make up the 5G+ UAV automatic airport system, which can be used in mountain fire investigation, river patrols investigation, station security, electric power inspection and other scenarios.

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